In order to survive, we need experts in the following subjects who are willing to provide their services.

Initially all will be on a voluntary basis but as finances grow we should be able to pay reasonable expenses. One person will be appointed to have overall responsibility for each of the above disciplines. If you think that could be you then let us have a look your CV. Send it here. If we've missed anything then let us know.

So, here are brief specifications for each job ...


To keep us out of trouble and to make sure that we're not taken for a ride. We need to be sure that we don't infringe anybody's intellectual rights. We also need to be able to draw up watertight contracts with individuals and organisations and to protect our own interests.


This may be a '.org' but we still need money to survive. There will be expenses to be met for site hosting which will be substantial as the database grows. We'll get revenue from sponsors and advertising and it all has to be accounted for to the Tax Man.


This is where the money comes from to support the site. Without sales of advertising or sponsorship, we can't grow to any significant size. So we need someone to make the contacts and get them to sign on the dotted line.


You can have the best website in the universe but if nobody knows you're there, what's the point? We need somebody to tell the word that we exist and make them want to visit us.


There's an awful lot of data to gather and process. We probably need thousands of contributors and someone has to find them. A lot of people will be willing to help, but we must be sure that they know what is required of them and we must be sure that they will be able to maintain the standards that we will set.

Art & Design

Even though this is a site dedicated to providing information, it still needs to look good. All the presentation so far has been kept intentionally low key. There is no point in trying to anticipate a look or style so, for now, we'll stick to plain old text.


Well, of course we can't exist without someone to co-ordinate the design and the structure of the database. Then we need to find secure ways to allow all our contributors to add their data without turning the rest of it into garbage. We also need to maintain an acceptable level of service so we need to select a suitable web host that can grow our site with us.